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Grounded in Geothermal Expertise
We work to minimize site disturbance, and protect the ecological and thermal integrity of the soil for decades to come - working in balance with the earth's natural cycles. 

The ground is an essential component in our systems, so we focus on better understand it and work with it. 

This includes partnering with soil experts and contributing to research about the complex functions of the ground. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the sustainable development of our world by developing innovative ways to increase the use and adoption of renewable thermal energy systems.

Eco Friendly Buildings
Foggy Mountains
By reconnecting with the earth to provide a source of clean and renewable heating and cooling we can not only help the environment but also support the local economies and improve housing affordability in the regions we work in.

Our Mission is guided by the following UN Sustainability Goals:

Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy

In recent years there has been significant advances in the use of renewable energy for electricity generation.  However, over the same time there has been little advancement in the use of renewable thermal energy sources for heating and cooling.  We seek to change this.

Goal 8

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Geothermal heating and cooling, being right under your feet, is as local a source of energy as it gets.  By seeking to work with local partners and suppliers, we can support the local economies directly within the communities we work in.

Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

The world is becoming increasingly urbanized and with it the need to build new urban infrastructure and repair old urban infrastructure is constant.  By focusing our efforts to support the construction of renewable thermal energy infrastructure, we can support the sustainable development of our cities and communities for generations.

Goal 13

Climate Action

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent, in fact the preceding decade (2010-2019) was the warmest decade ever recorded.  Urgent action is needed and this drives our focus.

Goal 17


We know we need help to achieve our mission so we are constantly seeking to work with partners in all facets of our business that share our goals.

Meet The Team
Andrew Lee

President and Co-Founder

Andrew is responsible for guiding the overall development of our business.  Andrew’s experience comes from more than 10 years in the energy sector where he worked on the development and financing of renewable projects across North and South America.

Jim Ilkay

Director and Co-Founder

Jim is responsible for our partnerships and relationships within the construction and development industries. With over 30 years experience in the sector, Jim has provided expert project advisory and management services to a variety of owners and developers since 2009.  Prior to his independent advisory work, Jim was President of the EdgeBuilder division of EllisDon Corporation, a leading global provider of construction services.

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