From new construction to retrofits, we're there along the entire life cycle of a project. 

Eby Rush Station Project

Waterloo, ON, Canada

Retrofit | Industrial | 2020

Geo-Pile Demonstration Site

This site is the first of its kind to test our novel geo-piles. 

This geo-pile array was designed to provide heating and cooling to a hydro utility building, while also acting as a state-of-the-art research station.

Data conducted at this site will be used in ongoing academic research and the development of novel control strategies to further improve the efficiency and sustainability of the system. 

Implementation Partners
Funding Agencies



Feb. 2020

System Repairs & Upgrades

July 2020

Design & Engineering

July 2020


Aug. 2020

System Installation



Towns on Curzon, Leslieville Project

Toronto ON, Canada

New Construction | Residential | 2020

55 Townhouse Community Energy

Commissioned ground loops and mechanical systems for the development.

Arranged a $847,000 green loan for the project.

Increasing Value

Improving Efficiency

Reducing Costs



Design & Engineering


System Installation



Innovia GEO is innovating new geothermal technology. We are dedicated to increasing the sustainability of buildings in Canada. 

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